The Land of the Morning Calm

Such famous people like YouTube founder Steve Chen, Hollywood actors Jessica Alba, Woody Allen, Noble Peace Prize winners, and other VIPs visit South Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm, to get the taste of Korea’s culture, food, fashion, history, and many more.

The visitors mainly picked bulgogi (marinated beef dish) as a popular dish among Koreans and foreigners.

Steve Chen postponed all his appointments aside just to tour the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). Political opinion leaders will often visit the DMZ hotspot as well. Noble Peace Prize winner, Robert Gould, rode in a Equus Limousine from his stay in Namsan Hyatt Hotel to the DMZ, and ate at a Korean traditional restaurant after his tour. Jessica Alba was seen at a lovely old Korean palace (Gyeongbok Palace) for an outing with her family. On the other hand, co-founder and famous fashion designer, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, toured the busy trendy streets of Myeongdong. Actress Megan Fox enjoyed her ‘solo tour‘ in Korea in 2009, shaking off the press to pamper herself in one of Cheongdamdong and Apgujeong‘s hotel spa. Black Eyed Peas member Will.i.Am roamed around from the traditional areas to the modern trendy places of Seoul, and spent most of his days eating only Korean food.

From the patterns and architectural styles; Gyeongbok Palace; National Folk MuseumNamsan N Seoul TowerSamcheongdong; Insadong; Korean Village are only just a few places the famous people have visited in South Korea.

VIP foreigners/Jessica Alba with her family (COSMOJIN TOUR)

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