KCon 2015 LA – Day 2! Dance All Day and Idols?!

Day 2 of the biggest convention in Korean Pop Culture has is here and bigger than ever!

This day, we have idols engaging with fans, panels and debates, as well as our celebrity seeing along the convention floor!

Today there was a fashion show where one of our favorite stars/artists were going to show off the new trends and strut their stuff. On that center stage, was Got7! All the fans gathered around and took pictures and videos of their beloved idols and some lucky fans were able to have their shout out heard by them. From the cheers of the fans, you could tell from any place at the convention that the stage was lit up well by our shining idols with their chic charms.

Besides the convention, there was our Dance All Day room! All kpop fans and convention goers were let into our fun room, welcome to dance with all of us to whatever song is blasting through out the room. Thanks to Amiee Lee Lucas and her MVP group, they kept the energy going with our music blasting. Those who wanted to request a song to them could tweet with a certain hashtag and enter a chance for everybody to dance to those. Whenever the open dance floor time was not going on, the crew would be gathering the more shy fans in the room and walk them through a simple choreography routine of a song from one of the artists playing at the concert that night. This time it was “Just Right” by Got7 and “Shake It” by Sistar! Think that wasn’t fun enough? We even got to cheer our fellow dance friends inside the “Freestyle” battle! Contestants were to battle one-on-one to a remix or regular choice song from the dj, showing off their skills and charisma. There were three top winners, each of them got a goody/swag bag by the MVP crew! Meet our first place winner, Suzuki! She showed off a modern and contemporary flare on stage and won us over with her charisma and BTS swag!

Along with the constant chat and rumors among the convention floors, idols from our concert were being seen along several booths! These include Super Junior M‘s Henry and Sistar’s Soyou! It’s great to see that KCon has grown to be a safe place for our artists to be able to spend time walking around and experience the amazing convention, just as normal people like us. We have youtube stars, makeup guru’s, and now even the idols walking with us! Who else do we have? From spending time at the Dance All Day booth/room, Amiee Lee Lucas let us in on an announcement about Buzzfeed‘s very own Try Guys are going to be dancing to a KPop dance melody! They even are going to perform on stage during the convention on Sunday around 1 PM! We are all encouraged to show our love for KPop and everything Korean culture, being spread to even the fun world of Buzzfeed! Soon KCon will be bigger and greater to everybody!

To top off this amazing day of KCon, is the first concert of the year! Who was your favorite artist?! Did they perform your favorite song?! Tomorrow is day 3, with our second concert!

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