KCon 2015 LA – Day 3 A day in closing

KCon finished it’s last day of convention in LA on August 2, 2015.

I personally was running late on this day, but I did my best to fill in on all the things that I was not able to tell you about the first day as well as tell you all that happened new this third day.

The Buzzfeed stars, The Try Guys were performing on the center stage on the convention floor, dancing to some of our favorite songs like Big Bang‘s “Bang Bang Bang” and Sistar‘s “Shake It.” Once their stage was over, they announced that on their youtube page in the next couple days they will be filming and posting a series of videos talking about Korean culture. Make sure to watch for that and see more of their three-day-KCon adventure with us!

Over at the Dance All Day tent, we had a group of talented kpop dance cover girls help us perform together in their famous “Kpop Chorus Dance Game” Everybody in the room was welcome to run and jump into their game. The game went as so: the DJ would play a 15 minute long song full of different kpop songs. Those songs would only have the chorus playing, along with a short countdown in between. When the songs played and you knew the dance, you could jump in and dance with them. Don’t know the dance but still want to join? No worries! One or all of the girls would be on the floor with everybody, so in case you forget or do no know the dance, you could easily follow along. To catch this fun game, be sure to check out their YouTube channel “JellyBeanNose“! They’ll have the video up within the next couple days! In addiction to their game, JellyBeanNose had a Q&A session with their fans/subscribers at KCon and got to bound and make everybody laugh and connect better with the talented dance team.

While walking around the convention floor, I found a very interesting and fun booth that let you see a Kpop music video, in 3D! If you are familiar with the Oculus Rift technology, you may understand how cool this is! The “K-ICT Dream Zone” both had a “UHD/3D Showcase” where people were able to put on these virtual devices over their eyes to look through, seeing the music video in 3D. They got to choose between Infinite‘s “Bad” music video and Stellar’s “Virato” showcase video. I got to see part of Inifnite’s music video, and it was unlike anything seen before! It took the VCR version of the “Bad” music video and added multiple angles and different visual affects so you were able to see something new in every area you looked. It was so amazing seeing all seven of the Infinite members singing to you!

I also re-visited the “Let’s Write In Hangul” booth where a friend of mine and I were able to write our messages to the KCon artists! I got to see the added messages as well as the other addictions where other fans wrote their favorite artists in KPop culture. It was cool to see everybody support their favorite artists and learn more on the writing in Hangul.

For more of my personal favorite parts and vlogging throughout the convention day, feel free to check out my YouTube channel. I’ll be posting more videos, talking about my personal experience as well as KCon tips to those that are disabled like myself.