Yim Si-wan says he is not ‘innocent’

Boy ZE:A’s member and actor Yim Si-wan said he was captivated by the “innocence” in the movie “Thinking of Elder Brother” during a press briefing on Tuesday, Dec. 22.

Boy ZE:A’s member and actor Yim Si-wan (OSEN)

Yim, who rose to stardom after starring in hit soap “Misaeng” said, “After reading the script, the innocence in the film stayed in my head for long, stating the reason for choosing the movie.”

When host Park Kyung-lim said, “But, you are indeed innocent,“ Lim replied, “I just pretend to be.” The actor has an innocent image after he said he never dated a girl in an interview a few years ago.

The upcoming movie “Thinking of Elder Brother” tells the story of a children’s choir during the Korean War. It is set to hit theaters in January 2016.

The Korea Herald