Liu Wen denies dating rumor with Choi Si-won

The agency of Liu Wen, a top Chinese model, officially denied rumors Monday, Dec. 21 that she is dating Super Junior’s Choi Si-won, according to a Korean media outlet.

Liu Wen denies dating rumor with Choi Si-won (OSEN)

Recently, during a Chineses entertainment program the host asked her whether the rumors were true, but she chose to avoid the mischevous question and told the audience,“Did you eat? If you didn’t, the cook will provide you meals.

Chinese netizens claimed that as the Chinese pronunciation for “cook” and Choi’s Chinese name sounded similar, so she admitted her romantic relationship with Choi in a roundabout way.

“It’s hard to understand how people thought Liu indirectly acknowledged that she is dating Choi. Though the two acted as a couple in a TV program, they are not a real couple,” said an official from the model’s agency.

The two had featured in the Chinese version of “We got Married” for about three months, from April to July.

Yu-jin Kim
The Korea Herald