‘Rewrite’ actresses vibrant in photo shoot for new drama

Jang Nara, Yu Da-in, Yoo In-na and Seo In-young (from the left) (MBC)

The leading ladies of TV drama “The Rewrite” – Jang Nara, Yu Da-in, Yoo In-na and Seo In-young — participated in a photo shoot on Dec. 18 at a restaurant to build hype for the new series.

The revealed photo gives viewers the idea of what kind of characters each actress will portray.

Jang, playing the role of a successful CEO of a wedding planning company who is single now but was married once before, displays a vibrant image wearing a red dress with her black curly hair.

Yu, playing the co-CEO of the company, is the housewife of a rich man who is currently facing the prospect of getting divorced.

Yoo displays a rather funky image in the photo, wearing untied hair and thick glasses. She is an elementary school teacher who has been a single most of her life.

Seo, a CEO for an online fashion retailer, is portrayed as a fashionable, trendy woman.

The four are to show their friendship and love throughout the new series.

The show is set to air on Jan. 20 at 10 p.m. on MBC.

Hye-won Lee
The Korea Herald