Son Ye-jin poised to shine in 2016

Actress Son Ye-jin is set to shine on the silver screen in 2016 as her three films will be released next year.

Korean-Chinese action flick “Bad Guys Always Die” will open in theaters on Feb. 4, Lunar New Year.

The film, directed by Chinese rookie filmmaker Sun Hao, centers around four Chinese men who visit Jejudo Island and encounter a mysterious woman, played by Son. It is her Chinese debut after appearing in Korean box-office hits including “The Pirates,” “My Wife Got Married” and “A Moment to Remember.”

Son in “Bad Guys Always Die” (Joy N Cinema)

Popular Taiwanese actor Chen Bo-lin, Chinese actor Qiao Zhenyu and Korean actor Shin Hyun-joon also star in the film.

The flick is coproduced by China’s star director Feng Xiaogang and Korean filmmaker Kang Je-gyu.

Son will take on the titular role of Princess Deokhye in periodic flick “The Last Princess,” directed by Heo Jin-ho.

Son in “The Last Princess” (Lotte Entertainment)

The film centers on the ill-fated Joseon princess and people who try to protect her. Actors Park Hae-il, Ra Mi-ran and Yoon Je-moon are also joining the cast. The film will open in theaters next year, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Son will reunite with actor Kim Joo-hyuk as a couple in the upcoming thriller “House Full of Happiness” next year.

Son in “House Full of Happiness” (CJ E&M)

The film centers on a politician couple, played by Son and Kim, who are running for seats at the National Assembly. However, during the elections, a terrible, mysterious incident occurs, which might hurt their political career.

Son and Kim return as a couple after their hit romantic comedy “My Wife Got Married” (2008).

Sung-mi Ahn
The Korea Herald