Staff zealous in Yoo Seung-ho, Go Ar-a kissing scene

Actress Go Ar-a confessed Tuesday, Dec. 29 that all the staff at the shooting site for her kiss scene with Yoo Seung-ho for film “The Magician” were zealous, during an interview held at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Tuesday.

“The Magician” poster

I love the active and heated atmosphere at the shooting site, but didn‘t expect it to be that active. Many people were concentrating on the kiss scene even from the rehearsal,” said Go.

She added, “Though the place where I shot the kiss scene with Yoo seems big on the TV screen, it’s the opposite in reality. The site was small. Regardless of the size, the staff were very zealous throughout the shoot.

“The Magician” is set in the Joseon era and features the love story of Hwan-hui (Yoo Seung-ho) and Princess Chung-myeong (Go Ar-a), which is complicated as she is forced into an arranged marriage with China’s Qing dynasty royalty.

The film will hit theaters Wednesday.

Yu-jin Kim
The Korea Herald