BTS takes in-depth medical examination

Big Hit Entertainment said Monday, Dec. 28 that BTS members have no particular health problems after their in-depth medical examination.

The agency was quoted as saying, “All members flew back to Korea from Japan and had a thorough medical test at a hospital.

(Big Hit Entertainment)

Fortunately, the members, including Suga and V, had no special health problems and currently are taking a rest.

It added, “The members will go through the group’s prearranged schedule such as partaking in the year-end music awards, autograph event and music programs.

BTS made headlines on Sunday by suddenly canceling its Japan concert on the day, due to member Suga and V’s deteriorated health conditions. Following their dizziness, the two were immediately sent to a nearby hospital and were told to rest for a while.

Yu-jin Kim
Korea Herald Business