Jung Saem-mool denies personal color theory

Famous makeup artist Jung Saem-mool revealed her thoughts on the personal color theory through TV program “My Little Television” on Sunday, Dec. 27.

Famous makeup artist Jung Saem-mool (MBC)

The makeup lesson given by Jung Saem-mool featured Minha of Nine Muses as the model. During the tutorial, Minha questioned the reliability of the personal color theory, a recent trend that differentiates cool-toned and warm-toned skin, as many viewers had raised the issue.

Basically, the theory divides skin tones into two different shades, warm and cool. Warm-toned skin has a warm, yellow undertone while cool-toned skin has more of a cool, pink undertone.

However, Saem-mool strongly opposed the idea and advised viewers to think differently.

It is nonsense to follow such a black-and white theory. Everyone possesses both warm and cool shades on the skin. The areas around one’s eyes, nose and mouth are cool-toned, while other parts, such as the cheeks, ears and lips are warm-toned,” she mentioned.

She commented that those with a wider area of blue or grayish undertone should use a red color palette, while others with a stronger flush can do the opposite shade to conceal it.

One person cannot have a single undertone,” she said, concluding her explanation.

Ji-young Kim
The Korea Herald