Hyeri to become a flight attendant

Singer-actor Hyeri of Girl’s Day is to become a flight attendant in the popular tvN dramaReply 1988,” Korean media reported Tuesday.

Hyeri plays Deok-sun, a high school senior who is lively and charming, but not the smartest student at school. When growing up, her neighborhood friends used to make fun of her poor grades.

Hyeri (tvN)

However, she manages to get into college and majors in flight operations. She becomes a flight attendant, according to the spoiler.

With only four episodes to go, viewers are still guessing who Deok-sun will end up marrying in the future. The two most likely candidates are quiet yet considerate Jung-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol) and a star Go player named Taek (Park Bo-gum).

“Reply 1988” centers on family and everyday life in a small Seoul neighborhood in 1988. The 20-episode series airs every Friday and Saturday at 7:50 p.m. on cable channel tvN.

Sung-mi Ahn
The Korea Herald