Jung Woo-sung wows evening news viewers

Actor Jung Woo-sung, who stars in new flick “Remember You,” appeared on evening news program “JTBC Newsroom” on Thursday and talked about the film and his acting career, charming the news viewers.

The program’s anchor Son Suk-hee asked Jung whether he was worried when selecting the new film because “Remember You” talks about memory loss, just like Jung’s 2004 box office hit “A Moment to Remember.

“No, not at all,” said Jung. “As an actor, I thought it was an interesting offer to do two films on the theme of memory. I thought if there were to be another film on memory, I could do it again.”

Jung Woo-sung and Son Suk-hee (JTBC)

“The two films are very different from each other. If the two were similar, I would have not done it.”

When asked why Jung both produced and acted in the film, he said it just happened. “As an actor, I thought (the film) had many appeals and decided to produce it,” said Jung.

He also talked about his role as goodwill ambassador to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. “I received more (through the advocate role),” said Jung. “Although I am using my status to speak on behalf of refugee’s difficulties, I am learning more meanings and values and have developed a more mature world view.”

“Remember You,” written and directed by Lee Yoo-jung, is a feature-length film expanded from Lee’s short film “Remember O Goddess” (2010), which won acclaim at numerous film festivals. The upcoming feature centers on Seok-won (Jung), who loses his memory and forgets his identity, and the mysterious woman he encounters named Jin-young (Kim Ha-neul).

The film opened in theaters on Jan. 7.

Sung-mi Ahn
The Korea Herald