Kara to disband: report

Yonhap News Agency has reported that Korean girl band Kara will “virtually disband” on Feb. 2.

Contracts with Park Gyu-ri, leader of Kara, and two other members, Goo Ha-ra and Han Seung-yeon, are set to expire in February.

Although Kara’s agency DSP Media denied the speculation, agencies conventionally extend contracts with artists at least six months prior to the due date, according to Yonhap.

Yonhap News Agency has reported that Korean girl band Kara will “virtually disband”  (DSP Media)

Yonhap also disclosed all three members had secretly been in contact with other companies.

The report predicted Goo Ha-ra is likely to move to Keyeast. The agency admitted that they “had a meeting” with Ha-ra, but said nothing has been “determined.

Seung-yeon and Gyu-ri are reportedly willing to make contracts with agencies that can support their respective careers as actresses.

Local speculation grew when it was revealed that Heo Young-ji of the quartet was the only one who appeared on a Japanese morning show Monday, while the other band members were absent.

The quartet, which debuted in 2007, has released four albums and seven mini albums.

Ji-hyoung Son