Golden Disc Awards to be held in Seoul, not China

BTS(Big HIt Entertainment) , SHINee(SM Entertainment)

The 30th Golden Disc Awards suddenly shifted its location from Shenzhen, China to Seoul, Korea.

An office from the awards show announced that they have made the decision following a massive landslide in Shenzhen. Due to safety concerns and the need to mourn the dead, China‘s officials have decided to cancel all festivals in the area.

The Golden Disc Awards will take place in Seoul both for the sake of those attending the ceremony and the people of Shenzhen.


The 30th Golden Disc Awards suddenly shifted its location from Shenzhen, China to Seoul, Korea (JTBC)

The awards will air January 20th and 21st and many stars including SNSD, Big Bang, SHINee, F(x), Apink, BTS and VIXX are set to appear at the ceremony.

Ji-young Kim
The Korea Herald