‘Monthly Yoon Jong-shin’ collaborates with Tablo, JonOne

Korean singer Tablo and world famous graffiti artist JonOne have participated in Yoon Jong-shin’s monthly album project “Monthly Yoon Jong-shin.”

Korean singer Tablo and world famous graffiti artist JonOne have participated in Yoon Jong-shin’s monthly album project (MYSTIC Entertainment)

Tablo was featured rapping and also composed for this month’s edition, “The First.”

For this album, Yoon requested Tablo to convey a delicate sense with literary lyrics.

JonOne created a work of art with the theme of this album. Born in New York’s Harlem, he is widely considered to have elevated graffiti into contemporary art.

JonOne recently collaborated with well-known brands, such as Air France, Rolls Royce, and Perrier.

“The First” will be released midnight Friday, and the music video is set to be revealed online at midnight Thursday.

Soo-hyang Kim
The Korea Herald