Junsu gets Most Popular Musician Award

Junsu of JYJ won the popularity award for the 25th Seoul Music Awards, which will be held on Thursday.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Junsu won the award over other celebrities, despite the barrier of not being able to appear on TV.


Junsu of JYJ won the popularity award for the 25th Seoul Music Awards (C-jes Entertainment)

Junsu won the first place in an online survey as the most popular musician in Korea, taking 46.7 percent of the votes. His fame resulted from years of his hard work, followed by the recent album “Flower.” He will receive the award at the award ceremony in Seoul.

He posted a message to his fans on Twitter:I acknowledge the time and effort my fans put in to help me win the award. I will remember forever. Thank you and I love you all so much.”

Ji-young Kim
The Korea Herald