DSP Media denies Park Gyu-ri’s role in new TV series

DSP Media, the agency managing girl group Kara, on Thursday denied rumors that member Park Gyu-ri is currently shooting a drama.

DSP Media denies Park Gyu-ri’s role in new TV series (OSEN)

On Wednesday, a local media outlet reported that Park was on the sets of the KBS historical fiction TV drama series “Jang Yeong-sil.

The report said Park is starring in the new series and her role was that of a female bodyguard of scientist Jang Yeong-sil.

It is true that Gyu-ri was offered a role in the drama, but she hasn’t yet decided to join,” an agency official told local media. “Even if she decides to join, it is not clear what her role will be.”

Park will come back after a three-year hiatus since “Nail Shop Paris,” if she decides to join the drama.

The agency added a decision has not been taken on the future of Kara.

It is widely speculated that the group will disband soon.

While Goo Ha-ra “had a meeting” with Korean entertainment company Keyeast, Seung-yeon and Gyu-ri are reportedly looking for agencies that can support their respective careers as actresses.

Ji-hyoung Son
The Korea Herald