g.o.d celebrates 17th anniversary of debut

Sohn Ho-young of g.o.d uploaded a picture taken with other members to celebrate their 17th anniversary since their debut in 1999.

g.o.d celebrates 17th anniversary of debut (Sohn’s official Instagram)

“I am celebrating our 17th anniversary. Stay forever with g.o.d., hip-hop g.o.d. You guys are cool, while I always have the same look on my face,” commented Sohn on his official Instagram on Wednesday.

All the members are wearing the same hat with the letter “g.o.d” in the photo.

In December, the group released two singles, “A Funny But Sad Day” and “What You Should Do” and had year-end concerts in Seoul, Daegu and Busan.

Soo-hyang Kim
The Korea Herald