Lee Sung-kyung’s acting skills harshly criticized


Lee Sung-kyung’s acting skills harshly criticized (tvN)

One of the leading stars of tvN dramaCheese in the Trap” has come under fire for poor acting just as the drama begins to gain popularity.

Actress-turned-model Lee Sung-Kyung’s acting skills in the dram has been panned by viewers for being “unsatisfactory.” She is currently playing the character of Baek In-ha in the drama. However, many feel that the webtoon-based character is not portrayed properly by Lee.

The original character of In-ha is charismatic and sometimes even frightening. Even though the fictional character cannot be exactly identical, Lee has gone too far with changing the personality. In the drama, Lee Sung-kyung acts like In-ha is a comical character who loves nagging.


In the fourth episode of “Cheese in the Trap”, In-ha is supposed to express rage as Yoo Jung asks his father to cut off all financial support to her. However, in the scene where In-ha realizes that her credit cards are useless, Lee frowns comically and whines at Yoo Jung’s father. Her exaggerated actions and facial expressions are the main cause of criticism.


Lee Sung-kyung’s acting skills harshly criticized (tvN Drama “Cheese in the Trap”)

It’s not like she isn’t working very hard. It hasn’t been very long since she made her debut as an actress and this is one of the hardest roles she took on so far. However, as the public is upset with her performance, she may have to work on upgrading the quality of her work so that it doesn’t ruin the overall drama.

As her tall height and beautiful face fits perfectly for In-ha’s appearance, all she has to do is to reflect public opinion and improve her acting skills.

Ji-young Kim
The Korea Herald