Crown J reacts to dating rumors with Seo In-young

Korean rapper Crown J has played down dating rumors with Seo In-young (Instagram)

Korean rapper Crown J has played down dating rumors with Seo In-young, his former ‘virtual’ wife on a reality show eight years ago.

Simply put, we’re best friends,” he was quoted as saying in local reports.

Rumors about their dating spiraled online once again in nearly a decade after Crown J posted a video of the pair dancing to a song in a car this week.

Fans flocked to his Instagram account and wrote comments such as “Are you guys really dating?,” with some saying, “You are a cute couple. You guys should really date, if you are not already.”

Through his agency, the rapper explained that “we’re probably the only couple who still keep in touch even after MBCWe Are Married’ shooting ends.

Even when I was in the States, we made time to see each other at least once or twice a year when she visited. We’re catching up more frequently after I came back to Korea,” he said.

Crown J went on to say, “We’re in the kind of relationship where we share stories about our lives and help each other out. It’s a bond that’s stronger than just a friend, but not a lover. We’re very good partners in life, like soulmates.”

The Korea Herald