Big Bang, Psy break 100m views

Big Bang and Psy both broke 100 million views on their latest YouTube music videos on Tuesday, according to their agency YG Entertainment.

Big Bang, Psy break 100m views  (Psy’s Daddy MV Screenshot)

Psy’s music video for “Daddy” was first to hit the mark, breaking 100 million at approximately 10:50 a.m. The video is energetic and outrageous, as per Psy’s trademark style, showing Psy appearing as three generations of a family.

“Daddy” makes Psy the first Korean artist to have four consecutive music videos breaking 100 million, following “Gangnam Style,” “Gentleman,” and “Hangover.”

“Daddy” was one of two lead tracks on Psy’s latest album, “PSY 7th Album,” released last December. The other lead track was “Napal Baji,” which has 21.5 million views.

As of Wednesday, “Daddy” had 100.8 million views.

Meanwhile, Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang” music video hit 100 million views Tuesday evening at around 7 p.m. “Bang Bang Bang,” which was also named the “Most Viewed K-pop Video of the Year” by YouTube last year, is Big Bang‘s second music video to hit that landmark after “Fantastic Baby.”


Big Bang, Psy break 100m views  (Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang MV Screenshot)

“Bang Bang Bang” was released as part of the June installment of the “MADE” album from last year.

A day later after “Daddy” broke 100 million, Psy’s megahit music video “Gangnam Style” from 2012 hit a new milestone of 2.5 billion views Wednesday morning, maintaining its place as the most-watched YouTube video of all time. The unprecedented popularity of “Gangnam Style” prompted YouTube to update its view counter ceiling last March, from 2.1 billion to over 9 quintillion views.

Ho-jung Won
The Korea Herald