Big Bang nears grand finale of world tour

K-pop idol group Big Bang is holding encore concerts at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium on March 4-6 following its world tour, YG Entertainment, the group’s agency, said Wednesday.

The group’s world tour “MADE,” which kicked off in Seoul last April, has covered 32 cities in 13 countries, including in Asia, North America and Australia. Some 120 million people attended the concerts and the tour set a record for the largest cumulative audience for a Korean group in China, with 25 million attending, according to YG Entertainment.

Big Bang (YG Entertainment)

Leroy Bennett, an award-winning production designer, participated in the world tour as a creative director and production designer. Ed Burke, known as a videographer for U.S. star Beyonce, took part as a cocreative director and visual director.

Meanwhile, the band is also scheduled to hold the last concerts of the tour at the Fukuoka Yahuoku Dome on Feb. 6-7 and at Tokyo Dome on Feb. 23-24.

Eun-jin Jung
The Korea Herald