IU, Hwang Chi-yeul invited to ‘Xiao Nian Ye Chun’

IU (left) and Hwang Chi-yeul (Instagram)

IU and Hwang Chi-yeul have been invited to Chinese broadcaster Hunan Television’s “Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala Evening,” a popular Lunar New Year’s TV program in China, airing Feb. 2.

The pair, who are reportedly the only Korean celebrities invited to the show, joined the shooting recently, according to Hwang’s agency HOW Entertainment on Thursday.

Hwang reportedly sang Chinese singer and actor Cheung Hok Yau’s “Yilushang You Ni” and performed Big Bang’s “Lies.”

Every year, the TV show features top celebrities from China and abroad.

This year, Chinese actress Cecilia Cheung and actors Jay Chou, Tian Liang and model Liu Wen are set to appear on the show.

The Korea Herald