Jeon Do-yeon, Gang Dong-won, Im Soo-jung hope to return to small screen

Gang Dong-won (OSEN)

Actresses Jeon Do-yeon and Im Soo-jung and actor Gang Dong-won have been dominating the Korean film scene for quite a while.

However, the golden trio has high hopes to come back to the small screen.

In a recent interview, Gang Dong-won said he “wants to act in a drama.” Gang’s last small screen role was as the male lead in 2004 SBS TV dramaMagic.” He also explained why he had left the drama scene for twelve years. “While filming ‘Magic,’ it was difficult for me to understand the ‘spontaneous’ environment of drama-making — it seemed impossible for me to settle in back then.”

However, he changed his mind as the production of Korean TV dramas has changed over the course of the years.
Things have changed. Nowadays, the process is less complicated with the increase in preproduced dramas,“ he said. “I have high-hopes to make a drama with people I’ve met in the movie industry.”

Jeon Do-yeon (OSEN)

The Queen of Cannes,” Jeon Do-yeon is also in consideration for the main role in tvN’s remake of American television series “The Good Wife.” The original show, currently in the middle of its seventh season on CBS, has garnered critical acclaim and much love from fans.

Jeon has already received and read through her copy of the script and is reportedly satisfied with the plot. The female lead, referred to in the title, is a housewife who resumes her career as a lawyer after her husband, a state attorney, becomes entangled in scandal and is jailed. If she decides to take the part, this will be her first return to TV drama in 11 years.

Im Soo-jung (OSEN)

Actress Im Soo-jung’s latest TV drama was 2004 hit “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” costarring So Ji-sub. After the small screen success, she rose to stardom and has been busy acting in films both large and small.

On her next TV drama, she said in an interview, “I’m always reading scripts, waiting for my next small screen move.” She added, “I’m now very open-minded towards the roles that are offered to me.”

Although these stars have taken long hiatuses from TV drama, there is a high possibility they might make the return, considering their positive attitudes.

Min-kyung Jung
The Korea Herald