Lee Je-hoon’s agency defends his acting skills

Actor Lee Je-hoon (OSEN)

Lee Je-hoon’s agency Saram Entertainment has responded to criticism over the star’s acting skills in the new drama “Signal.”

Because the genre is a fantasy drama with Lee’s character leading the whole story, he has a lot to prove in the beginning,” the agency told reporters on Wednesday, saying the actor has a lot of pressure over the role.

But as the story develops, you can see that the character’s emotions change as well. Lee’s character is sandwiched between the past and present, and thus has to explain and persuade the viewers to make it believable.”

An official from the agency said Lee and the director spent a lot of time discussing about the character, and that what he has is the best they can offer in the beginning of the drama.

The staff all think that Lee has done a great job so far, but I feel bad seeing the criticism,” he said.

However, the official explained that he thinks even the criticism is proof that the drama is gaining attention.

Lee was first to be cast for the drama and has spent a long time analyzing his character. I’m sure people will notice his efforts very soon,” he added.

In “Signal,“ costarring Kim Hye-soo and Jo Jin-woong, Lee plays a criminal profiler who has a strong distrust of the government. The drama airs on Thursdays and Fridays on tvN.

The Korea Herald