Park Hae-jin says ‘too late to get married’

Park Hae-jin says ‘too late to get married’ (WM Entertainment)

Park Hae-jin has backtracked from his earlier position and stated that it is too late for him to get married now.

In an interview with MBN news published Wednesday, Park said, “I’m turning 35 in 2017. That ship (his plan to get married at 35) has sailed.”

Park had expressed hopes of getting married on turning 35 several times in the past.

The actor said planning a marriage now would be too late to achieve his goal.

Of course, I could fall into love with someone I meet tomorrow. But for now, marriage isn’t my priority,” he said.

The “Cheese in the Trap” actor explained that he set the goal of 35 because he did not like people’s prejudice that it is a young age for an actor to get married.

For men, 35 isn’t a young age. I love babies and I’ve always wanted to get married fast. That’s why I told people that I want to get married at 35. But I had no idea that I would reach that age so fast.”

Park has been enjoying his popularity from “Cheese in the Trap,” a romantic thriller based on the eponymous webtoon. It recorded 6.6 percent in viewership ratings for its fifth episode, according to AGB Nielson Media Research.

The Korea Herald