Hyeri ‘cried a lot’ after ‘Reply 1988’ end


Hyeri from Girl’s Day, who starred in hit TV series “Reply 1988,” said she cried a lot after the drama ended during a recent interview with Korean media outlet Ilgan Sports.

“I cried my eyes out because of the thought that I would no longer come to Ssangmun-dong and meet the production crew as well as my character Deok-sun,” she said. Ssangmun-dong is the location in Seoul where the show was set.

Before the TV drama began, many online commenters said the idol-turned-actress was not fit for the role, as her acting abilities had yet to be put to the test.

But, Hyeri said she had more expectations rather than concerns. “The plot was so good and I studied the character a lot,” she said.

I also had faith in director Shin Won-ho. He was so gentle and thoughtful. I prepared my character Deok-sun by conversing with him twice a week,” she added.

The Korea Herald