iKON holds second concert in Seoul

iKON holds second concert in Seoul (OSEN)

K-pop boy band iKON kicked off two days of concerts with the “iKONCERT 2016 Showtime Tour” on Saturday at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.

It is unprecedented for a rookie group, especially one that debuted just four months prior, to hold a concert at the nation‘s largest concert hall twice, according to news reports.

The septet is set to perform hits such as “Dumb & Dumber” and “What’s Wrong?” during the concert, which starts in Seoul and continues in Daegu on Feb. 27 and in Busan on Mar. 5.

Since their debut, the hot-shot singers have swept local charts with various hit tracks, including “My Type” “Rhythm Ta” and “Apology.”

IKON is also scheduled to conduct a concert tour in five cities in Japan, including in Fukuoka and Tokyo in February.

Ji-hye Shin
The Korea Herald