Seven most unforgettable moments of f(X)’s first concert

SM Entertainment’s electro-pop girl group, f(X) (SM Entertainment)

SM Entertainment’s electro-pop girl group, f(X), celebrated their seven years of debut with their first concert. The lucky number now holds a new meaning of “luck” to them, and there were seven meaningful moments during the exciting show.

1. “KLAV” is revealed

SM Entertainment’s electro-pop girl group, f(X) (Youtube)


“KLAV,” a character with a cube face was introduced to the fans for the first time. “KLAV” — named after the first letters of each member’s name — will be the official mascot of the group and the character made fans squeal with affection as it danced along to the tunes.

2. Krystal acts cute

SM Entertainment’s electro-pop girl group, f(X) (Jessica’s Weibo)


The band member Krystal, known for her sophisticated style and chic attitude, showed her flirty side during the pre-concert press conference. When the press asked if she had anything to comment, she said, “We have a number where all of us get really excited and just can’t control our expressions — please take nice photos of us.” Her comment made everyone in the conference room laugh.

3. All four members dance to Amber’s solo

Amber’s funky solo “Shake That Brass” filled the room unexpectedly, when the singer told the fans they were about to take a short break. Before, Amber had received emotional support from the rest of the members, but during the concert, she received their physical support — with the members all performing besides her.

4. Luna asks reporters to dance with them

SM Entertainment’s electro-pop girl group, f(X) (Youtube)

When Luna asked reporters to “have fun with them,” before the concert, she wasn’t joking. In the middle of the show, Luna and Amber both came up to the press and urged them to dance along to their songs. Luna later even asked the press to “stand up,” while she was singing, drawing another round of laughter from them.

5. Krystal’s vampire performance.

Dracula,” the group’s new track from their recent album, “4 Walls,” has allowed f(X) to whip up fresh new choreography. Krystal’s part includes her actually imitating a vampire — biting a male back-up dancer’s neck with prosthetic teeth. Fans went wild over her savage beauty.

6. Launching of official fan club “Me You”

SM Entertainment’s electro-pop girl group, f(X) (OSEN)

The group’s fans have been long jealous of other artists since f(X) had everything — except an official fan club. To the gratitude of the fans who have waited patiently for seven years, f(X) finally announced the official launching of their fan club, “Me You,” named after their song of the same name, “Me You.”

7. Victoria’s surprise birthday party

SM Entertainment’s electro-pop girl group, f(X) (Sim Jae-won’s Instagram)

Leader Victoria received an early birthday present when rest of the members and staff threw her a surprise birthday bash. After the finale, everyone thought the concert was done for the day, but suddenly, the members started singing a special song for their leader. Victoria could not help, but shed tears at the emotional scene.

Min-kyung Jung
The Korea Herald