‘No Tomorrow’ premieres on Mar. 3

Directed by Lee Ji-seung, the upcoming film “No Tomorrow” will air from Mar. 3.

The movie revolves around the mysterious deaths of workers who are treated like slaves at salt farms.

‘No Tomorrow’ premieres on Mar. 3 (Poster of “No Tomorrow”)

Actress Park Hyo-ju plays the lead as a journalist named Lee Hye-ri who is the only witness of a case. She struggles to disclose her findings. Actor Ryu Jun-yeol, who was in the hit drama series “Reply 1988”, plays an evil character in the film.

The film is based on a true story which was uncovered in February 2014 in Shinui Island, in Jeollanam-do. Many of the workers in the salt farms are mentally ill or disabled. Their basic human rights were infringed as they had to work over 19 hours a day without being paid and they were also physically abused.

Lee Ji-seung, the director of “No Tomorrow”, has made other films based on real stories, including the hit movie “Azooma” (2012).

Soo-hyang Kim
The Korea Herald