‘My Love from the Star’ a hit in China

Korean drama series “My Love from the Star” is a hit in China.


It stars top actors Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun, and centers around an alien who arrives on earth in the Joseon dynasty and also travels to the modern era.

According to data released by Chinese television network Anhui TV, the drama has retained its popularity with an average rating of 0.5 percent. In China, a program is normally considered a megahit when its ratings hit 1 percent, according to news reports.

The TV series had to go through some ups and downs before it could be aired in China due to the nation’s strict broadcast regulations. In China, characters such as aliens or ghosts are banned from appearing on TV but the drama’s main character Do Min-joon, who is played by Kim, is an alien.

Even before the drama aired in China earlier this year, it had already garnered nearly 4 billion views through various Chinese video-sharing platforms including iQiyi.

The Korea Herald