Top 3 Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials


Top 3 Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials (Youtube, Korea Herald)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Korean YouTubers are revealing beauty tips to help prep for the special occasion. The Korea Herald has shortlisted three YouTube tutorials based on the number of viewers and ratings.

First up is Daisy’s “Valentine‘s Day Chocolate makeup.” In this tutorial, she keeps face makeup matte and uses long-lasting products. Her makeup tips show you how to come up with a seductive, sexy look for the occasion. She made the most of affordable products such as drugstore brands.

Next is the “Valentine Peach Blossom makeup” by KIMDAX. A peach blossom-themed makeup look is often done by Korean makeup artists as apparently peach and pink hues are the most attractive colors to men. KIMDAX suggests this makeup look for those who will be attempting to make love confessions on Valentine’s Day. Although her video does not have English subtitles, it is easy to follow.

The first two recommendations are suitable for beginners. The tutorial by well-known makeup artist Risabae, “Sweet Valentine’s Day Makeup” is much more detailed and professional.

Unlike most Valentine Day’s makeup looks, Risabae has come up with something more toned down. She uses less vibrant colors on the eyes and finishes off with a ponytail, tied half-up, reminding viewers of Ariana Grande’s hairdo.

Unlike the most Valentine’s Day makeup, Risabae toned down the overall look by using less vibrant colors on the eyes. She finished off the lovely look with a half-up ponytail, reminding viewers of a hairdo commonly sported by American singer and actress Ariana Grande.

Ji-young Kim
The Korea Herald