M.A.C boycotted for using ‘sexist’ comedian as model


Global cosmetics firm M.A.C is under fire for casting a sexist comedian in a commercial.

The commercial was released on Feb. 11 to advertise their new cushion foundation called “Selfie cover cushion.” The video went viral online with more than 2 million views, as it was a parody of another clip that had once been popular online.

However, the controversy arose after a consumer criticized the company for choosing Yoo Sang-moo for the clip, due to his past remarks on women. The comedian was criticized for remarks during an online broadcast, costarring two other celebrities.

M.A.C boycotted for using ‘sexist’ comedian as model (OSEN)

The remarks included “Women are dumb beings,” and “Females who lost their virginity are prostitutes.” Even though Jang Dong-min mainly led the conversation, Yoo also shared his views.

Some women have started to boycott the brand over its choice of model.

Currently, M.A.C Korea’s official blog has closed down all posts related to Yoo Sang-moo.

M.A.C boycotted for using ‘sexist’ comedian as model (Jcontentree)

Some consumers have also started to boycott Elcakorea, the importer of M.A.C products.

Ji-young Kim
The Korea Herald