Jessica off to a new start with Coridel Ent.

Jessica off to a new start with Coridel Ent. (Jessica’s Official Instagram Account)

Ex-SNSD member Jessica Jung has signaled her return to the Korean entertainment industry, according to Korean media outlets.

Jessica finally settled for Coridel Entertainment on Monday, Feb. 29, after months of instability following her defection from Girls’ Generation and its agency SM Entertainment last September.

Coridel Entertainment is a branch of the Coridel group, which is headquartered in New York. The firm is owned by Tyler Kwon, a businessman who was formerly rumored to be in a relationship with Jessica.

Coridel Ent. announced “We have been establishing various partnerships with foreign firms. Coridel is looking forward to becoming one of the most influential entertainment agencies in the global market.”

(Jessica’s Official Instagram Account)

Moreover, we will provide full support to both Jessica’s music and fashion career.

Jessica is expected to return to entertainment later in the year as a solo artist.

Ji-young Kim
The Korea Herald