Song Joong-ki’s high school life revealed


The very details of actor Song Joong-ki’s high school life were revealed on tvN’s “The List 2016,” aired on Monday.

Song was a dedicated short-track skater until he was 12 years old. Unfortunately, his career as an athlete ended due to an unexpected injury.

However, he was good in studies and became one of the top students in school. His high school report card was shown on the show. It was filled with all As and included various compliments by his teachers.

One of his teachers also spoke positively about him, saying, “He was definitely a very smart student. He had the potential to enter the best university in Korea.”

Song Joong-ki’s high school life revealed (tvn)

Song received an extremely high score in his college entrance exam. In 2012, he graduated from Sungkyunkwan University as a business administration major.

Ji-young Kim
The Korea Herald