Celebrities’ doppelganger

How stunned would you be to catch a glimpse of your reflection only to realize your doppelganger is staring right back at you? These celebrities will make your jaw drop with their unbelievable resemblance to one another.

Crystal (singer) and Lee Young-jin (actress, model)


(Instagram: Crystal, Lee Young-jin)

Crystal from K-pop group f(x) and actress Lee Young-jin look so similar that it is almost hard to believe they are not related.
Their dark hair and sharp facial features bring out their chic character.
Online fans say that Crystal will look just like Lee when she grows older.

Song Hye-kyo (actress) and Jeong Ga-eun (actress, model)


(Laneige, SBS)

Actress Jeong Ga-eun grabbed people’s attention in the past with her resemblance to Song Hye-kyo, as soon she was introduced through the media.
Having been a model, Jeong has a longer physique than Song. However we just cannot get over their identical looking faces.

Junho (singer) and Rain (singer,actress)


(Junho’s instagram, review star)

These two singers might fool you with their identical smiling eyes. Junho from 2PM and a hallyu star Rain, have also received attention in the past for their incredible resemblance.
On the stage, they are like beasts, but their smiles with small dainty eyes couldn’t be cuter.

So Ji-seop (actor) and Yoo Seung-ho (actor)


(InStyle, Grazia)

Called as the little So Ji-seop, actor Yoo Seung-ho has been gaining popularity not only due to his outstanding talent, but also by his resemblance to actor So.
Yoo, who introduced himself on the small screen when very young, gained much attention especially from the girls as he grew up looking similar to So. Their masculine eyes and tanned skin accentuate the similarity.

By Choi Hyung-won ([email protected])