K-pop stars‘ smart response to backing track glitches


Now that K-pop performers rarely perform live, the backing track plays a crucial role in their onstage performance. But what if a technical problem occurs and the backing track suddenly stops? To some, however, the moment of a sudden blackout can be a stepping stone to prove their singing capability, to become a YouTube star, or just to enjoy the surreal moment of substituting the backing track for the audience’s supportive sing-along.

The K-pop Herald has compiled a list of how Korean stars reacted to technical glitches while on stage. Their responses were so natural that the issue almost went unnoticed.


(Plan A Entertainment)

While girl group Apink was performing “L.O.V.E” at a scholarship dinner from a private institution on Feb. 12, the backing track suddenly stopped at Ha-young’s part. But Ha-young continued singing with a smile on her face. When some other members snickered, Bo-mi‘s dexterous response helped the show go on. She handed over her microphone to audience, and even opened a human beatbox to create “L.O.V.E” beat.

“This is the limited version, guys,” Eun-ji said while singing her part.

Lee Hi

(YG Entertainment)

Singer Lee Hi was performing her debut number “1,2,3,4” in Yonsei Akaraka, the Yonsei University’s annual festival that took place on May 24, when an accident occurred in the first chorus. After some quick buzzes were heard in the backing track, it simply stopped. However, not only was Lee singing, but her stage choreographers were also dancing without the backing track, drawing the university students‘ massive sing-along in the second verse and chorus.

A three-minute-long clip of the incident posted on YouTube by user Yein Chung has almost 800,000 hits as of Monday.


(YMC Entertainment)

Everything was going smoothly and fans were enjoying the vibes of Ailee at her KCON New York 2016 gig on June 25, when she faced a technical problem. A couple of minutes after she opened the show with the first song “Mind Your Own Business,” the backing track suddenly disappeared, leaving fans panicked. Nonetheless, she kept going without a pause and finished the chorus, filling the space with her voice.

“We were all really shocked!” a YouTube user littleleaf35 wrote in the middle of the clip. “However, she kept going on and started the entire song over. What a queen!”

In the clip, the audience chanted her name, after the performer told fans she will start it over.


(RBW Entertainment)

It was May 17 when girl group Mamamoo was performing “Mr. Ambiguous” at a spring festival in Sungkyul University, they found glitches in the backing track of the song. However, they just moved on.

For a few seconds all members looked stunned without knowing what to do.

Hwasa said “Everyone make some noise,” to crowd, which made Solar turn sober. She soon suggested to the other members that they go forward. They sang “Mr. Ambiguous” live without the backing track until the first chorus.

The girl group performed “Mr. Ambiguous” again at the finale of the session.

By Son Ji-hyoung ([email protected])