What is Kpop Buddy?zzmm_img1

Kpop Buddy is your online friend when you want to get the latest news on anything that involves Korean culture. And yes, that definitely includes K-pop (Korean pop). K-pop is certainly the trending topic out of most when it comes to Korean culture and sure, we’ll provide as much information as we can on it. But you don’t want a friend that shares just one thing in common with you, right? We want to be your best friend!

K-pop Buddy is also an online website that represents K-Herald*.

What is K-Herald? zzmm_img2

K-Herald is a printed English supplement that is published with the Los Angeles Times on a weekly-basis every Fridays. Since 2010, it introduces to multi-cultural communities about Korean and Asian-American culture such as foods, entertainment, local businesses, local news, and much more. K-Herald stands to be a medium for Korean-American businesses and makes an effort to become a bridge between general markets to the Korean-American communities.

We are a part of Good Morning Media, Inc. zzmm_img3
What you need to know about Good Morning Media, Inc:

- Good Morning Media, Inc. (DBA: Korea Herald Business) was first established in 2005.
- Has a total of 3 printed publications (2 Korean, 1 English), 2 websites (1 Korean, 1 English)
- Has hosted various entertainment-related events such as:

●   Jan 2006 – Korean-American Day Celebration Concert at Scottish Auditorium (Korean artists: Kim Jong Kook,, Jun Hyebin, Im Tae Kyung)

●   Sep 2006 – Korea Herald Business 1st Year Anniversary Rock Concert at Ford Ampitheatre (Korean Rock Band: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

●   Oct 2007 – Shim Subong USA Tour Concert (LA, NY, ATL)

●   Aug 2008 – Korea Herald Business 3rd Year Anniversary Classic Concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall (Famous Conductor Geum Nan Sae and Gyeonggi Provincial Philharmonic Orchestra)

●   Mar 2010 – Kim Jae Dong “No Break” Comedy Talk Concert w/ Guest, Singer Yoon Do Hyun at Wilshire E-Bell Theater

●   Sep 2010 – Korean Rock Bands Joint Concert at Ford Amphitheatre (Korean Rock Bands: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and BooHwal)

●   November 2011 – Korean Broadway show, “Pumba” at Vision Art Hall

●   January 2012 – Kim Bum Soo “Get Alright” Show at Nokia Theatre

●   April 2012 – Bup Ryu Seunim & Kim Jae-dong Youth Talk Show at Shrine Auditorium, Choi Sung Bong <Korea’s Got Talent> Special Concert at The Novel Café

●   July 2012 – Korea Herald Business’ 7 Year Anniversary Rock Concert at Orpheum Theatre (Korean Rock Band: BooHwal)

●   August 2013 – Ludi Herald Weekly’s 1 Year Anniversary Special Concert at City National’s Grove Of Anaheim (Korean Rock Band: BooHwal)

●   March 2014 – “YB in LA” concert at Wilshire E-bell Theatre (Korean Rock Band: YB [Yoon Do Hyun Band])